A lot of new business owners ask What’s holding back my business? Today we talk about effective leadership and management skills that will help you take action to grow instead of stagnating. We also talk about applying these management skills to set goals and follow through on them.

What’s Holding Back My Business

We’re back to doing videos where we answer questions and give practical advice on how to grow your business and become one of the great leaders of tomorrow. Our first installment is answering the question, what’s holding back my business? A lot of business owners ask themselves this question, whether they’re new to business or have been stuck in the same place for a while. I know I’ve asked myself this before, even recently. In this video we offer up some practical advice and three actions you can take every day to get your business unstuck.

Part of the reason we ask ourselves this question is that we feel like we’re not where we’re “supposed” to be with our business. We have a preconceived timeline of how much money we should be making or how successful we should be. This is often based on external factors like how other people we know are doing with their businesses. It could be the expectations we feel other people have of us. There may even be a little competitiveness with our competitors. I’m sure at this point you don’t need the “don’t compare yourselves to others” talk, so let’s focus on some practical advice you can use to kick start your business in the short term.

3 Actions to Grow Your Business

It’s not productive to put our time and energy into comparing ourselves to others, but here are three actions we can take to focus our time and energy to get our business moving in the right direction.

  1. Define success for yourself and your business
  2. Set goals to work on every day
  3. Follow through and track your goals

In the video, we go deeper into some of the factors to consider for each one of these actions and how you can set yourself up for success in each of these areas. If you’re asking, what’s holding back my business, let us know if this is helpful and please reach out to us if you have any questions!

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