Lindsay Parker joins us today to tell us about updating your professional headshots. Not just about getting new headshots, but how her company, We Do Shots, has modernized the way to do headshots! Lindsay tells us about using her management skills to solve the challenges of putting a photo studio in a truck. She also shares how she used effective leadership and management skills to go from concept to operations in just a few months.

Updating Your Professional Headshots

This week we talk with Lindsay Parker about updating your professional headshots. We Do Shots updates the way headshots are done in addition to getting you great pictures. Lindsay and her team come to your location and take your pictures in their brand-new truck filled with the latest technology.

Lindsay shares with us how she came up with the idea to build a mobile photo studio. We talk about how she and her husband refined the concept and committed to following through on it. It was a whirlwind going from idea to execution in just a few months. It was important to Lindsay and her team to be completely committed to this business, but that created personal challenges in leaving a regular job.

We talk about how important it is that getting headshots taken should be a fun and exciting experience. Lindsay believes strongly that your headshots are a reflection of you and your business. With this in mind she wants to ensure that your energy and passion for your business come through. That can be difficult to do if the experience is complicated or time consuming. We Do Shots strives to make updating your professional headshots as easy and fun as possible.

Creating a Great Customer Experience

With that in mind, Lindsay knew that outfitting a truck to create that kind of experience would be a huge challenge. She designed the truck to provide high-quality headshots while still making the experience easy and fun for the customers. They’ve included the latest in digital photo technology as well as fun amenities to make the customers feel comfortable. In the video we show a few pics of the truck and Lindsay gives us a little bit of a virtual tour.

Lindsay also tells us how We Do Shots works with their customers to create unique concepts for their headshots based on their image or brand. We talk about the different kinds of headshots executives need and how to use them for maximum effect.

How to Connect with Lindsay and We Do Shots

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