Dr. Thomas Kenny is here to talk to us about how Northwest Career College is training the next generation of professionals. We discuss the unique role the college fills in the Las Vegas community. He also shares his own unique career path and some of the advantages and challenges of working in a family-owned business.

Training the Next Generation of Professionals

It’s not enough for Dr. Thomas Kenny to be a licensed dentist here in Nevada. He also takes on the challenge of training the next generation of professionals as the Director of Education at Northwest Career College. Thomas’ father, Dr. John Kenny, started NCC in 1997 as a two-room classroom with just 5 massage therapy students. Next, they added a dental assisting program and today offer 10 programs that serve the medical and legal communities.

Northwest Career College focuses on developing a complete career path for students, not just getting them into an entry-level job. Thomas shares how proud he is of their Career Services office and how those professionals are making a difference in their graduates’ lives. We discuss how NCC isn’t just for young people starting out. It can be a great place to develop a new skill if you’re looking to change careers. We also talk about how their student clinic is helping their students prepare for their own practices out in the community.

Thomas tells us about his unique career path that led him to his position at the college today. We discuss how he made the choice from having a dental practice and working at the school part-time to diving into his position at the school fully. Thomas also shares some of the unique advantage and challenges of working in a family business like Northwest Career College. Finally, we talk about the future of Northwest Career College, new programs they are getting ready to offer and how they intend to expand the great work they’re doing across the Las Vegas valley.

How to Contact Northwest Career College

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