Emily Wilson of Emily Wilson Photography joins us today to share with us the art of telling stories through photography. She tells about how she became a photographer and how her art history degree helps her realize her artistic vision. We talk about how her personal projects help her develop effective leadership and management skills.  Emily also discusses the management skills she uses to run her business.

Telling Stories Through Photography

It has been far too long since we put out an interview video for you, but we are back on track now! This week is Part 1 of my interview with Emily Wilson of Emily Wilson Photography. Emily helped us out by being our guest for the whole live show last week. We talked about a lot of things but in the first part of the interview, she tells us how she became a photographer and her passion for telling stories through photography.

She shares with us the very beginnings of her career working at a magazine, then assisting other photographers and finally starting to shoot on her own. We talk about how her art history background helped build her foundation as an artist and assists in telling stories through photography. Emily tells us the important fundamentals that all aspiring photographers should master while developing their own artistic style.

Emily shares her experience of a recent shoot and the way she went about getting that perfect shot for a friend featured in a magazine. We talk about the importance of attention to detail and making small changes when the situation calls for it. Emily also shares with us some of her personal projects that have helped her grow as an artist. Learn all about her latest project following 6 professional boxers through their journey to the spotlight.

Lots more in this interview with Emily Wilson and come back next week for Part 2!

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