As a man, I don’t know much about styling women for success. As an entrepreneur, I know how important style is in promoting your personal and professional brand. Fortunately, Katie Watford is a pro at helping women find their personal style and shows us how. We also discuss the management skills she learned and combined with her natural talents to help her clients. Katie also talks about using effective business skills to grow her e-styling business to 8 cities in just 4 months.

Styling Women for Success

Katie started as a professional dancer and, like many in the entertainment business, struggled with what to do for a career. A friend provided a breakthrough moment with an opportunity to help out on a television commercial featuring Snoop Dogg. Watch the video for a surprising revelation about Snoop Dogg’s waist! Katie talks about how it took her some time to formulate that experience into a career plan, in addition to how we have to be ready for success. She emphasizes exploring opportunities until we find our path, and furthermore how natural it can feel when we do find it.

Learn how flexibility and adaptability are key to successfully completing any creative endeavor. Katie tells us how she uses he unique talents to help her clients build their brand and organically develop their style and fashion vocabulary. Learn all about Katie’s new e-styling business, Style Retainer, and how she has grown that business to be in 8 cities around the world in just a few months.

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