Human Resources is one of the areas that business owners can really get themselves into trouble if we don’t keep our eye on it. One way to make it better is to streamline your human resources processes to best fit your business. Shermara Walker from SW HR Consulting shows us how to use HR in conjunction with effective leadership and management skills to keep your business running smoothly. She also tells us what management skills she uses to make her company successful.

Streamline Your Human Resources

Shermara helps businesses by providing customized, cost-effective solutions to simplify and streamline their HR needs. There are a lot of HR things that we should be thinking about as business owners and we don’t always have the time or expertise for it. Shermara has found her passion in helping startups and small businesses with the HR and giving them the support they need in the early stage of their company.

Human Resources can get complicated very quickly for small business owners, especially if their business is growing rapidly. We talk about how to implements good HR policies early and consistently. Shermara tells us how to develop a framework that reflects your vision for the business to set yourself up for future growth. She gives us her best tips for keeping your business in compliance and training your future workforce. We discuss how your HR practices directly affect your ability to retain employees and what kind of practices you need to acquire and keep top talent. Onboarding new employees is critical to their future at your company and Shermara gives us great advice on how to make that an excellent experience for them. She also gives us the straight story about the differences between full-time employees and independent contractors and how to use both effectively and legally.

How to Reach Shermara Walker

Phone: (702) 979-2119

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