You may have seen Michelle Davis on other WCOBM shows. Today she joins us to talk about her Michelle Davis Fitness brand and her new venture starting a unique private gym concept. We talk about the management skills she’ll need to help her clients and get this business off the ground.  We also discuss how she will use effective leadership and management skills to challenge her clients and help them stay accountable to themselves.

Starting a Unique Private Gym Concept

You already know Michelle Davis from hosting the other weeks of the Geeks R Sexy show. You’re familiar with WCOBM, her social media presence as well as all of the other shows she hosts on the network. Now she has a new venture that she is starting in addition to all of her other great work. In this segment, we talk about how to get a new business started as well as some of the things to consider on this journey.

Michelle’s new venture is an elite private gym that mixes personal training, wellness in addition to a little bit of spirituality mixed in. Her main focus is to help her members find an integrated lifestyle that meets their health and fitness goals. Michelle tells us about how it took her many years to find her real niche in the business world. We talk about Michelle’s motivation for starting this new gym and how it fits into her lifestyle.

Part of Michelle’s concept is to provide challenges to her clients as well as acting as an accountability coach for them. Michelle will be using her experience as a bodybuilder to help them set goals and develop proper mindsets. Most importantly, she is building a support group for women to help them push past the limitations that they struggle with getting through alone. For Michelle, it’s all about changing women’s lives without being evil or greedy.

We hope to be able to do more of the segments with new or aspiring business owners. If you are starting a new business or want to talk about how you can level up your existing business on our show, email us at or leave a comment below!

How to Contact Michelle Davis

Phone: 805-748-5689





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