Have you ever asked, Should I hire security for my business? Sean Phillipson from Morrison Security joins us to educate us on what we need to know to secure our businesses. We also discuss the effective leadership and management skills Morrison Security uses to train their officers and protect their clients. Sean tells us how professionalism and ethics are two of the most important components of those management skills.

Should I Hire Security for My Business – What You Need to Know

A lifelong Las Vegas local, Sean tells us what has changed in town over the years and why you might want to hire security. We talk about how a private security company like Morrison Security can provide peace of mind for you and your business while allowing you be more strategically focused. Learn about the indicators that may tell you to contact a security company to assess your site and your vulnerabilities. Find out how much in assets on your property might make you a target. In addition, find out where to find local crime maps to assess how great a risk your property faces. Learn why surveillance may not be enough to protect you and how security officers fill that vulnerability.

Sean tells us why it’s important to look for a security company that invests in the leadership development of its officers and how Morrison Security develops professionalism and ethics in all of its personnel. We also discuss a real-world example of a business that he and Morrison Security have helped assess and eliminate vulnerabilities to protect the business while treating other members of the community with respect.

How to Contact Sean at Morrison Security

Phone: 702-262-0096

Email: sphillipson@morrisonsecurity.com

Morrison Security Website

Morrison Security Facebook Page

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