Cynthia Nutter from CJ Nutter Accounting Services joins us to talk about how to protect your financial security. We talk about how she uses effective leadership and management skills to help her clients make good financial decisions.  We also discuss the management skills she uses to run CJ Nutter Accounting Services.

Protect Your Financial Security

Cynthia Nutter started her own accounting firm this year to promote and empower small business. The best part of her mission is that she wants to help you protect your financial security. Before pursuing accounting, Cynthia thought about a career in law. The Enron collapse in the early 2000s really opened her eyes to how important accounting is and how it can affect real people’s lives. We discuss some of the root causes of the fall of Enron and how we as leaders can avoid those kinds of situations. Cynthia talks about how the whole incident inspired her to become a financial auditor.

We talk about some of the differences in our financial responsibilities in business today from what they were prior to new laws that came as a result of Enron. Cynthia tells us about her time working as an accountant in the private sector and what she learned from that experience. She later went into the public industry helping other accountants develop their bookkeeping practice. It was there that Cynthia developed the values that she founded CJ Nutter Accounting Services on.

Putting the Client First

Everything Cynthia does in her business is all about the client. She focuses on protecting her clients in case of an audit. Her primary belief is to make sure the work always does that for the client, even though the client doesn’t see the work she does, only the results. She focuses on the client’s needs beyond just the bottom line on financial statements. Putting a human face on every client is how she helps protect your financial security.

Cynthia gives us some great tips for getting our finances straight as we start the new year. Whether you own a business or just want to do some financial planning for your family, these tips will help you get 2019 off to a great start!

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