Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world and Dwayne Davison of Entertainment Capital Group knows everything there is to know about promoting entertainment events in Las Vegas. It’s not all just fun and games, there’s an art and science to creating a successful event. Dwayne talks about the management skills he learned to build his thriving business. He also talks how he applies those leadership skills to create the amazing once-in-a-lifetime events that he is known for.

Promoting Entertainment Events in Las Vegas

Dwayne Davison is a serial entrepreneur who got his start in finance. Growing up in Las Vegas, entertainment played a huge role in Dwayne’s life. He remembers going to his very first concert at five years old. His current career path is inspired by his father who also owned an entertainment business. In the interview, Dwayne tells us how studying business at UNLV taught him how to put together the essential elements of a business. A chance meeting with an artist who was looking for management started Dwayne’s parallel path on finance and entertainment.

Dwayne’s vision is to bring once in a lifetime entertainment events to Las Vegas, to get you to come out to see a show you’ve never seen before and may never see again. We talk about putting together his very first show and what he learned from that experience. Dwayne always looks at an event he is promoting through the lens of serving the fans and creating a great experience for them. He tells us what makes a great entertainment venue and what he looks for in each event he produces. Dwayne shows us how to find teammates who share our values and how it’s important to focus on not just the aspects of production that the fans see, but also those aspects they don’t see.

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