Goal Setting for Success




We all have goals, but the real challenge is sticking to them and following through with action. How you state your goals is critical to accomplishing them. So many goal setting systems have long acronyms and complicated steps to remember. Our course uses experience from military flight testing to simplify stating, tracking and completing your most important goals. In the course you’ll learn:

  • The three key components of a well-stated goal.
  • How to frame goals to maximize follow through and completion.
  • How to incorporate time and timing into your goal appropriately without arbitrary or artificial timelines.
  • The power of setting intermediate goals.
  • How your goals are interrelated and can be stated in a complementary way that accelerates successful completion.

If you have had trouble following through on your goals in the past, or just want to find a new and simple way to set, track and complete your goals, try this very short course. It will make an immediate difference in the way you see your goals and approach completing them.


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