What’s the Culture like at your Business?

What’s your Organizational Culture? Take a look at the big-picture concepts that define a business: vision, mission, and core values. They may seem unnecessary to define, but these are critical elements of the culture that will flourish at your business. Their purpose is to unify your business message and team behavior so that you can achieve the goals that match the mission. 

Taking the time to address Organizational Culture is worth the effort thanks to top-level leadership development that’s designed to solidify your organizational identity and build team success. 

Organizational Culture Workshop

Our Organizational Culture Workshop comes packed with big picture ideas broken down into actionable items. Over the course of four hours, students will learn what influences organizational culture and the impacts of that culture on team success. Then, they will apply these concepts to their own business culture.

We discuss elements of culture such as vision, mission and core values, and how tools and systems reflect and reinforce the business. We focus on helping business professionals assess their current culture, determine the desired culture, and what actions to implement in order to maintain that culture. Leadership development, succession planning and individual career development are highlighted as valuable tools to influence the right culture for your business. 

At Evil Genius Leadership Consultants, we’re prepared to help you develop your leadership skills with fundamental business tools that work. If you’re interested in learning more about how this Workshop could benefit you and your team, contact us at info@evilgeniusleadership.com or call us at (702)625-0896