Emotional Intelligence

You’ve heard of IQ, but what about Emotional Intelligence? It’s an essential aspect of honest and inspiring leadership – and it has a large impact on both workplace culture and productivity as a whole. Learning to understand and navigate your emotions and your team’s emotions can positively impact your leadership style and ability to lead in difficult situations – and that can be achieved through the emotional intelligence workshop. 

Recent research shows that organizations with high levels of Emotional Intelligence in leadership are likely to improve overall results, reduce turnover, reduce fraud, and improve employee performance and morale. 

Emotional Intelligence Workshop

This 4-hour workshop helps employees become emotionally intelligent at work so that they can be their most productive selves. Students are shown how to be more aware of their feelings as well as learn how to recognize and understand what drives their moods and the moods of others. We discuss the benefits of regulating emotions and becoming Emotionally Intelligent in the workplace. 

We provide tools to help students regulate their emotions to prevent becoming overwhelmed and distracted. Students of this workshop leave with the tools needed to become the best versions of themselves personally and professionally.

At Evil Genius Leadership Consultants, we’re prepared to help you develop your leadership skills with fundamental business tools that work. If you’re interested in learning more about how our Emotional Intelligence Workshop could benefit you and your organization, email us at info@evilgeniusleadership.com or call us at (702)625-0896