Cross-Generational Leadership

Do you have a team that’s composed of multiple age groups? If you’re like most businesses, you’ve probably got Millennials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers. So how do you effectively lead people that come from different perspectives and experiences? Evil Genius Leadership Consultants provides a leadership workshop just for you: Cross-Generational Leadership workshop. 

Many organizations have been faced with the “Millennial Problem” and how to deal with differences in motivation, perspective, and leadership. In this 4-hour workshop, we show students how the problem is not unique to Millennials (or any generation) and give business owners and executive managers the tools needed to communicate and collaborate across generations. 


What’s in it for Your Business?

The workshop covers events and factors that shape each generation, basic communication theory, and barriers to communication between generations. We help students build trust across generations by setting clear expectations and giving effective feedback as well as use negotiation skills to create win-win solutions to organizational problems.

Reach out today if Evil Genius if your organization has a multi-generation gap and can benefit from this workshop. Make managing multiple generations a part of your success story instead of a pain point in your business.