Most of us don’t get excited about going to the dentist. Dr. Bianca Velayo is here today to get us excited about it. She tells us all about how Green Valley Smiles Dentistry is not your mother’s dental practice!  Dr. Bianca fills us in how she uses effective leadership and management skills to provide the best patient care in Las Vegas. She also tells us how she combines management skills and technology to make all of her patients feel like family.

Not Your Mother’s Dental Practice

Dr. Bianca Velayo is new to Las Vegas and comes to us from Boston. Her goal as a dentist is to build relationships with every patient. She makes sure that when they leave the office, they feel like family. Bianca is passionate about educating people about oral health. To make it more accessible to people, she started a video series called the Oral Health Minute that you can find on her Instagram feed. Most of the videos are light and funny, some are serious and touching, but they are all educational and make a strong impact.

Bianca was inspired to become a dentist at a very young age by a close family friend. We talk about her approach to customer service for her patients and how she provides personalized care to each of them using the latest dental technology. Watch the interview to find out what piece of dental technology she’s dying to have for her office and what inspired her to create Oral Health Minute.

How to Reach Dr. Bianca Velayo

Green Valley Smiles Dentistry Phone: (702) 757-3399

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