Lynaae Forbes joins us to tell us how she can help you with maximizing your profit when selling your home. We talk about the management skills she uses to help her clients and the effective leadership and management skills she uses to keep her team running smoothly.

Maximizing Your Profit When Selling Your Home

Lynnae Forbes specializes in the sale of new and existing homes in the Las Vegas valley. She has had the opportunity to work in many facets of the real estate industry. Her goal is to arm clients with an understanding of the market to help them make sound decisions. She believes the most satisfied client is the client who feels included in process that leads to a successful closing, cooperative partnership.

Lynaae shares with us how she encourages and empowers her clients, both buyers and sellers, with updated tools and technology. She tells us how her experience has a notary signing agent and working for escrow companies shaped the way she helps her clients. We talk how you can avoid some of the legal “gotchas” that a lot of agents don’t know about.

We get into Lynaae’s system for making sellers more money on their sale and how much you could potentially make using it. Lynnae has helped sellers make from 7-11% more on their listing if they take care of a few basics before putting their house on the market. She is turning the “Taking the Flip Out of Real Estate” concept and turning into a television show. It’s all about doing the little things that make a house much more attractive to buyers. Working with Lynaae can take the stress out of your life as well as make you a little bit more money.

How to Reach Lynaae Forbes

Phone: 213-FLIP-OUT






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