Ami Bayani returns to tell us about working for The Payroll Company and they can help your business with making your payroll easy. She shares how her unique journey through entrepreneurship honed her management skills. We also discuss how The Payroll Company uses effective leadership and management skills to help their clients focus on their own businesses while TPC handles their payroll needs.

Making Your Payroll Easy

Our good friend Ami Bayani returns to the show this week! We loved having her here a few months ago to talk about the Be a S.H.E.R.O Foundation. Today she joins us to tell us about how The Payroll Company is helping you with making your payroll easy. Payroll is one of those areas that can be very simple in the beginning but can quickly get out of control for a small business. It’s one of the few areas that can get a business owner in a lot of trouble if it’s not done right.

Ami’s background as an entrepreneur helped guide her to work with The Payroll Company. She is familiar with all of the challenges that business owners face like overhead, paperwork and dealing with the IRS. Ami shares with us some of the common misconceptions about payroll and working with a payroll company. We talk about the particular challenges of the changing tax codes and how outsourcing your payroll can help make sure your business is in compliance.

Ami believes in the importance of creating win-win scenarios in business. The Payroll Company works with businesses as small as one person or as large as thousands of employees to help them grow into sustainable enterprises. We talk about how we met through networking and how important building relationships is to your business and the community. Ami gives her best tips to help you build your network and make your company grow!

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