Las Vegas is an incredible town where anything is possible and dreams can come true. It’s a lot harder than it looks though. Competition in all industries is fierce and it’s hard to rise above the noise. Vegas is a town where personal relationships will make or break your business. Casey Jade is an incredible example to follow if you dream of making it as a photographer in Las Vegas. She loves people and capturing their beauty and true essence. She’s here on this beautiful planet to do great things, capture humanity and make waves.

Making it as a Photographer in Las Vegas – How Does Casey Do It?

In our interview, Casey tells us how she came to be a photographer and how she uses her business to empower women in their personal and professional lives. She talks about how she came to understand who her ideal clients are and how she reaches out to find them in the community.

If you ask Casey what her true talent is, she will say it’s seeing “You, the real you.” She tells us how she uses this ability to tell her clients stories and build their confidence through seeing themselves in a different light. Learn how her all-inclusive photo experiences are different from your traditional expectations of portrait photography.

We all learn lessons from running our businesses and Casey shares with us the biggest lesson she’s learned from being a professional photographer. She shares her tips for being a great businesswoman in addition to being a talented photographer. Find out what Casey is reading and which podcasts she listens to in order to up her business game.

Watch the interview to see how Casey can help you invest in you and find your perfect self.

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