Casey Jade returns to the show to share her tips to make your creative business stand out. She tells us about using effective leadership and management skills to put her time and energy where it is most useful to Casey Jade Photography. We also talk about how she developed management skills that helped her restructure her services and packages to get more clients.

Make Your Creative Business Stand Out

Our good friend Casey Jade returns to give some advice on how to make your creative business stand out. If you are a photographer, graphic designer or digital media marketer you will definitely want to watch this one. Casey tells us how she has revamped her business since she was on the show last year and how that has helped her get more clients.

Casey tells how she shifted the emphasis of her creative work boudoir photography to helping women build their confidence in both the boardroom and the bedroom. She has created an innovative, subscription-based photography service for women-owned businesses. These packages helps women get out in front of the camera to share their stories so that they can be seen by their ideal clients.

We talk about the two primary plans that Casey offers her clients. There is a pretty strong distinction between the way she services a business that sells products as opposed to how she helps speakers and event planners tell their stories. Casey tells us how she structures the service to catch her clients in key moments that highlight their business on social media. In addition, Casey shares the tools she uses to help clients plan and post to social media for an entire quarter at a time.

There’s lots more to learn in this interview like how Casey listened to her friends business pain points to revamp her business and the importance of storytelling in marketing a business. She tells us how automation has made her client’s lives easier and how to apply that lesson to your business. Watch the whole video to get all of Casey’s great business advice!

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