Learning Sales Skills

Pebbles Franco is here to help us all with learning sales skills. We had some technical difficulties, so it looks funny, but worth watching!

I’m really enjoying doing the new interview show with Maria Pureza and Social Media Shows! In this episode, we bring on another good friend, Pebbles Franco. Pebbles is here to help us all with learning sales skills. We had some technical difficulties with this one, so it looks a little funny. We also had no sound for our coaching session with Dezi Lou, so we’ll have her back on the show to catch up with her progress. It’s still worth watching this episode to catch all the wisdom that Pebbles shares.

Learning Sales Skills

As a realtor and property manager, Pebble has been selling since she was in her teens. She shares her most important tips on selling a product or service More importantly she tells us how we can get better at selling ourselves! We have a great time listening to Pebble’s wildly entertaining stories and we need to get her back on the show soon.

Unfortunately, we never captured the sound for our live coaching session with Dezi Lou, but I promise it was amazing!. We gave her some homework to do to grow her business and helped her develop a seven-day challenge she can do with her customers. We won’t let her get away without following through, so check back soon for an episode where she tells us about her progress!

Author: Jason LeDuc

Jason LeDuc is the Founder of Evil Genius Leadership Consultants, an executive and leadership coaching firm based in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. Before striking out on his own to start a world class coaching firm, Jason served proudly for two decades as an officer in the United States Air Force and retired at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in August 2015. In his most recent assignment as an instructor at the Air War College Distance Learning Program he served as an academic instructor to 7000+ students from all services to provide them the education needed to accept strategic leadership positions as senior officers. He developed curriculum for international security studies covering international relations, supporting US national security interests, strategic thought and planning and regional/cultural security analysis. Jason is a graduate of Boston University and was commissioned in 1995 through the Reserve Officer Training Corps as a Distinguished Graduate. He also earned a Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University in 2002.

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