Today Shawn Willis from 5AM Global talks to us about leading a business through a major transition. She shares how she uses effective leadership and management skills to lead her team to create effective marketing campaigns. Shawn also tells us about using her management skills to plan and execute her upcoming Breathe 2019 event.

Leading a Business Through a Major Transition

Our good friend Shawn Willis has returned to talk with us about leading a business through a major transition. She’s only the second guest who we’ve had come back on the show, so this is a really special episode. Shawn tells us all about her new company 5AM Global and relates to us the story of how it came to be.

When we first met Shawn, she actually owned another company and went through a big personal and professional transition. She closed that business down and  brought most of her existing team into the new business. As Shawn tells us in the interview, it’s not uncommon for business partners to separate after a time and move on to new ventures. We talk about Shawn’s growth as an executive from this experience and how she found ways to move on positively and productively.

Shawn shares with us how she learned to seek out mentors and advisors as she led her team through this transition. We talk about how important those mentors are even when a business is not going through a transition. She tells us some of the key pieces of advice those mentors shared with her. The most important of these lessons was to stop, take a moment, and breathe.

Introducing Breathe 2019

That lesson was the seed that inspired Shawn to create her upcoming event Breathe 2019. This conference is all about helping business owners and community leaders connect, reflect and take that moment to breathe. Shawn has put together an incredible lineup of speaker to help us focus on health and wealth. It’s a great opportunity to learn the techniques successful leaders use to stay grounded and network with influencers in the Las Vegas business community. For other wisdom from Shawn and her mentors, as well as how to attend or sponsor Breathe 2019, watch our whole interview.

How to Contact Shawn Willis


5AM Global Website

Breathe 2019 Website

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