Every leader has their own unique leadership philosophy and style that is partially defined by the leadership traits the exhibit. We all have a combination of positive traits that make us successful as leaders and negative traits that might be a barrier to successfully leading others. Great leaders are conscious of their leadership traits and continue to develop themselves to make their strong, positive traits stronger and improve upon or eliminate negative traits from their leadership style. Another key understanding that great leaders have is that in order to be effective leaders, their leadership traits, leadership philosophy, and leadership style need to be in alignment with their personal core values.

Leadership Traits Exercise – Observe and Report

In the video, ┬áJason describes an exercise that you can do to start gathering information on the leadership traits that you might want to include in your leadership philosophy and style (and which ones you might want to leave out). The essence of the exercise is to spend a week observing leaders in your community and record their positive and negative leadership traits. Once you have a good sample of traits, decide which traits you would like to include in your own leadership style and which you would like to leave out. Don’t forget to observe┬áthe informal leaders in your community as well as the formal leaders that have official authority over others.

Honest Self-Assessment

Once you have your list, the next step is to honestly self-assess how well you exhibit these leadership traits in your daily words and actions. This can be difficult even for the most experienced of us, so it may make sense to ask a friend to assess you in the same areas after you’ve done your own self-assessment. Most importantly, don’t worry about having a certain set of traits on your list. Use this as a fun opportunity to get to know yourself a little better and to help you think about the kind of leader you aspire to be!

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