Developing strong skills that support your leadership philosophy and style┬áis a little more straightforward than some of the deep personal reflection we’ve been doing, but just as important. Your leadership skills are a key piece to exemplifying the leadership traits and core values that you identified to be important to your success. Leadership skills are different from your leadership traits because skills are more of an intellectual pursuit while traits are a little more internal and personal.

Leadership Skills Self-Assessment

In this video, Jason walks you through an exercise you can do to determine the kinds of skills you’ll need to take more of a leadership role in your career and personal life. The key to this exercise is to think about where you want to be in the future, not where you are now, and picturing the skills set that the perfect candidate for the job would have. Another important to this exercise is to be honest in your self-assessment of how good you are at these particular skills. You might even want to ask for some candid feedback from a trusted friend or colleague to get a second opinion about how strong your leadership skills are.

Leadership as a Discipline

Great leaders treat leadership as a discipline that needs continual study and reflection. Honestly assessing your leadership skills is a great first step to developing a mindset of life-long learning about leadership that will improve your ability to meet your goals and have stronger connections and relationships with the people around you, both professionally and personally.

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