We talk a lot with our guests on Geeks R Sexy about how they apply effective leadership and management skills to achieve their goals and grow their businesses. Today our panel takes on the entertainment world and how their management skills fit in. Sean Phillipson of Morrison Security, Dwayne Davison of Entertainment Capital Group and Fashion Stylist Katie Watford talk about how they use leadership and teamwork in entertainment.

Leadership and Teamwork in Entertainment

One of the things that really comes to mind when it comes to entertainment is that nobody pulls off an amazing performance or event alone. For every artist up on stage, there are plenty of people behind the scenes who are working together to help everything go off without a hitch. Leadership and teamwork in entertainment are just as critical as they are in other fields. Sean, Katie and Dwayne all talk about how they foster teamwork in their endeavors. Sometimes that requires them to step up and take a leadership role, but just as often they know when they need to be team-players and let others take charge. Watch the whole discussion to learn more about how they build teams and lead them to success as well as how they plan to grow their businesses in 2018.

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Sean Phillipson

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Katie Watford

Email: katie@katiewatford.com

Website http://www.katiewatford.com/

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Dwayne Davison

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