One of the most frustrating situations that a young leader can face is when they’ve been assigned to complete some kind of project or task but haven’t been officially assigned any people or resources to accomplish it. The assignment usually comes with very little guidance from higher up and some encouraging word to them that “You’ll figure it out!”. While this sounds like a horrible situation to be in, young leaders can view these types of situations as opportunities to grow their leadership skills in a different way. The challenges that come with exercising informal and peer leadership can accelerate the development of your leadership skills much faster than when you have all the resources you need at your disposal.

Applying Informal and Peer Leadership

They key to successfully exercising informal and peer leadership techniques to accomplishing your mission is to understand the difference between accountability, responsibility and authority. In the video, Jason provides working definitions of all three concepts and then provides 5 steps you can start applying  today to build your informal team and lead them to a successful result. Applying these 5 steps when building your team will help you understand priorities, clarify your expectations and improve communication between you and the members of your team while still managing time and resources wisely:

  1. Get to know the key players in your organization
  2. Build a strategy
  3. Get buy-in from others
  4. Be ready to negotiate and compromise
  5. Communicate frequently and appropriately

Try applying these 5 steps when building your team as you tackle your next project!

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