Jess Horan talks to us today about how she is improving happy hour in Las Vegas. She tells us how she uses effective leadership and management skills to run Original Cocktail Club. We also talk about how she uses her management skills to grow her team and business.

Improving Happy Hour in Las Vegas

Jess Horan, the founder of Original Cocktail Club joins us on the show this week. She tells us the whole story on how and why she set out improving happy hour in Las Vegas. Jess used her experience working for other startups to create a tech platform that is disrupting the way restaurants do happy hour and fill their tables every night.

Original Cocktail Club is a subscription-based app where members receive half off of their cocktails when they dine at any of the participating restaurants. When we shot this segment, there were about 40 restaurants members could enjoy and Jess was closing deals with a few more that week. They range from fun, casual dining places all the way up to fine dining establishments here in Las Vegas.

Creating a Win-Win Situation

Jess credits her own experiences as a foodie for giving her the idea for Original Cocktail Club. As she tried new places in Las Vegas, on some nights that they were practically empty. She saw an opportunity to create a win-win situation for both the restaurant owners and their potential customers. Jess designed and worked with a team to create an downloadable app where you can see all of the great deals at their restaurants happening right now. The app also includes a map feature so you can find a place close to you.

We talk about whether Jess considers Original Cocktail Club to be a tech company or a hospitality company. She shares what she learned about developing a tech platform and finding the right tech partner in business. We talk about her biggest challenge getting the company off the ground and also where she intends to take the company in the future. All this and a special offer from Jess for you in the video!

How to Contact Jess Horan

Original Cocktail Club Website



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