Greg Wilken, Chris DiLorenzo and Suni Chabrow return to join us for our panel discussion. We talk about how they learned how to stay strong after a setback and how that helped them form Endunamo Consulting, CMD and the Douglas J. Green Memorial Foundation. Sometimes we have to dig deep when our management skills aren’t enough to overcome a setback or tragedy. We also discuss how to use effective leadership and management skills to help our team members when they have a setback.

How to Stay Strong After a Setback

It’s always amazed me how people can go through very tragic events in their lives and find a way to maintain a positive attitude. Successful people find a way to stay strong when everything is going wrong and it feels like the world is against you. Our guests tell us how to stay strong after a setback and how they rose to the occasion to overcome the challenges they faced.

Suni shares with us how she faced a choice when her son, Doug was killed in Afghanistan and how she found a way to turn her pain into strength. She tells how she starts each day to stay strong and keep a positive attitude. Suni also gives us advice on how to honor our loved ones we have lost.

Greg tells us about the challenging situation that led to him starting his own business. We also talk about how he dealt with the feelings and emotions that came with it. He also shares with us how exhilarating the challenge the lessons he’s learned about adversity and resilience since he went out on his own.

Chris talks about the challenges his business faces innovating new technology in what is a very traditional field. Convincing clients to embrace a new way of doing things can be very difficult. Chris tells us some of the ways he convinces his clients to let go of their old way of doing business.

We discuss the importance of asking for help when we need it and how to get past the fear of asking for help. Our guests give tips on making that ask and how to connect to the people who can help us most.

How to Contact Greg Wilken

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