Well written goals are critical to achieving the life that we desire, but it can be hard to stick to them. We often find ourselves asking how do I set goals that I can follow through on? In this video, we talk about the 3 components that every goal should have and give some great tips on how to stick to those goals. You’ll learn how well-written goals lead to effective leadership and management skills. We also show how good goal-setting is one of the most important management skills you can develop.

Download the worksheet that goes with this video.

How Do I Set Goals?

So sorry that we haven’t had any recent interviews with leaders and entrepreneurs for you lately. We didn’t get to record our live show in September, but we’re working on bringing you more great interviews starting in just a few weeks. In the meantime, we don’t want to leave you without anything to motivate you and help you grow. We’re going to do a few instructional videos like the ones we’ve done in the past to fill the gap until our next live show. Up first, a question that a lot of people struggle with. How do I set goals?

Setting goals is important to achieving them, but the way we write those goals has a big impact on our ability to follow through on them. If we don’t set ourselves up for success on the follow-through we have a much harder time completing our goals. There are a lot of different methods and techniques for setting goals, but today we’re going to try to make it nice and simple for you.

In this video, Jason talks about the three components that every good goal should have and why they are important. He also discusses why you shouldn’t worry about if your goals are realistic and why you should set lofty goals for yourself. Properly framing goals is critical to following through on them and we talk about when you should (and shouldn’t) include a time component when you are setting your goals. Finally, Jason goes through the steps you should take after you write your goal to make sure you’ll follow through on it.

Don’t forget to download the worksheet for this episode so you can follow along and set the next big goal that’s going to help you grow your career and personal life!

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