Greg Wilken from Endunamo Consulting joins us today to answer the question, how do I retain my employees? He shares with us the three things business owners should be doing to keep their employees. Greg shows us how to use our management skills to create HR processes to support our team. We also discuss how Greg uses effective leadership and management skills to help his clients focus on their own businesses while Endunamo Consulting handles their HR needs.

How Do I Retain My Employees

There’s a lot of positive things happening in the economy right now and businesses are growing rapidly. With unemployment so low you may be asking, “How do I retain my employees?” Greg Wilken from Endunamo Consulting joins us today to help us answer that question for you. Greg has seen the business and human resources world from multiple angles over his career. He started in the US Departments of Labor and Education working on workforce education policy, then as a lawyer and now he has founded his own firm. Greg is passionate about helping organizations succeed and grow by improving their human resources.

Greg has always been interested in how organizations work, how they succeed and how they use their human resources to be successful. He strongly believes that to be successful we should focus on the “human” part of human resources. Greg shares with us three things that all business owners should be doing if they want to retain their employees. We talk when you should focus on the employee and when you should focus on the business. Greg tells us why it’s important to be thinking about the future of your employees in your company and how to build that development plan for them. These are essential tips if you have to compete with bigger businesses that can offer more generous compensation packages to your employees. Finally, we talk about some tools that you can use if your employees are already leaving to make changes that will help lower your turnover.

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