Suni Chabrow from the Douglas J. Green Memorial Foundation joins us today to help answer the question, how can I support military families? She talks about her journey as a Gold Star Mom and how that led to creating the Foundation.

How Can I Support Military Families

Suni Chabrow is a Gold Star mom living here in Las Vegas. Her son, Specialist Douglas J. Green lost his life in 2011 in Afghanistan when insurgents attacked his unit with a rocket-propelled grenade. Suni coped with the loss of her son by creating the Douglas J. Green Memorial Foundation to honor him and the values he stood for. In our interview, we spend some time answering the question, “How can I support military families?”

The Douglas J. Green Memorial Foundation is a volunteer non-profit dedicated to providing comfort and support to service members and their families. Doug loved the care packages he received and shared them with his brothers and sisters in arms. To honor him, the Foundation sends care packages to our deployed service members overseas. Suni makes sure that we don’t just get packages to our men and women in places like Afghanistan, but also to our young sailors on ships and our other soldiers, airmen and Marines in places you may not know we are currently deployed, such as Africa.

Beyond putting together care packages with the Foundation, Suni is passionate about helping the families of deployed service members to stay strong while the member is away. She shares a wonderful story about a young woman she met in the post office who was trying to send a care package to her husband, a Marine deployed on a ship. Suni helped this young woman to feel like she was not along in the community, which is what the Douglas J. Green Memorial Foundation is all about, helping people come up with an answer to “How can I support military families?”

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