Lucy Cantley is more than just a business coach, she is all about helping women entrepreneurs crush it! In this interview, she tells us how she brings effective leadership and management skills to help women grow their businesses. She also talks about being a mother and how she’s developed her management skills while helping support other moms.

Helping Women Entrepreneurs Crush it

Lucy Cantley is a military spouse and a new mom helping women entrepreneurs crush it! She specializes in growing their revenue streams and developing strategies that help them grow their businesses to new heights. Lucy was born and raised in Cambridge, England. She made her way to Las Vegas after marrying an American Airman. A few corporate jobs convinced her that there was a better way to manage businesses and she enrolled in the MBA program at UNLV. Lucy also became very intimately involved in the Las Vegas tech startup scene through a student investing group called Rebel Venture Fund. Lucy gets excited about working with other women entrepreneurs, especially those who are moms. She sees them as a group that she can really help with her skills as well as provide and also benefit from a supportive environment with these women.

One of Lucy’s biggest strengths is that she doesn’t view herself as a coach or consultant, but really strives to be a valuable member of an entrepreneur’s team. Lucy tells us what she learned about being an entrepreneur from her unique experience as one of the directors of Rebel Venture Fund.

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