Applying and getting into college can be a stressful time for a family. Ashly Jordan joins us today to talk about how her company, My Education Connections, is helping students get into college. Ashly tells us how she uses effective leadership and management skills as well as science-based assessments to point families in the right direction.  We also discuss the management skills she uses to run My Education Connections.

Helping Students Get Into College

One of the most stressful times in a family is when kids are applying to college. Ashly Jordan of My Education Connections tells about all of the ways she is helping students get into college. Her mission is helping families make informed decisions about college and affordability.

Ashly started the business after teaching at risk youth for several years here in Las Vegas. Many students have potential, but no idea how to approach college or how they were going to pay for it. A lot of them didn’t even know what career options were available to them. Ashly found assessment that help students align their interests and aptitudes to make great choices about their futures. The assessments she uses are science based and highly reliable at showing a student what they are good at, what they are passionate about, as well as the best career fits for them. All of this helps students put their best foot forward at college, graduate on time, and minimize the debt they take on for their education.

We All Have a Role

Parents, grandparents, and families all can play a role in helping students get into college. It’s important to encourage students to pursue their interests, especially when they are young. Many communities have magnet or specialty high schools where kids can pursue the skills for potential careers before they go off to college. Seventh or eighth grade is not too early for families to start taking some of these steps to prepare for college.

Ashly tells us how we can apply the triangular approach of teacher, parent and student to help the student succeed in their education. Part of this approach is starting to prepare as early as possible. We discuss some of the things that parents of students that go to Ivy League schools know that other parents might not. Following these tips maximizes your student’s ability to follow through on the career that is right for them.

How to Contact Ashly Jordan

My Education Connections Website

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