Diana Collins, Ashly Jordan, and Cynthia Nutter return to share how they are helping people meet their goals. We talk about how the Always With Me Foundation, My Education Connections, and CJ Nutter accounting services are really about making significant changes in peoples lives.  These women share how they use effective leadership and management skills to help their clients.

Helping People Meet Their Goals

This week our panel is back to talk about helping people meet their goals. Diana Collins, Ashly Jordan, and Cynthia Nutter all return to chat with us. All three of them offer advice about how they help people with significant, complex events in their lives. One tool they have in common is helping people set and follow through on goals.

How Our Guests Help

Diana talks about meeting people where they are at and helping them set goals to solve the problems that are most important to them right now. She provides options they can try and what has worked in the past for her. We talk about how important it is to maintain a strong relationship with someone if we want to help them follow through on their goals. Being available is one of the most impactful ways of helping people meet their goals.

Ashly tells us how important it is to ensure goals are specific and measurable. Measurable is not just the ability to track a goal, but also achieving a goal means something in the big picture of a student’s education. Aligning goals between the student and the parents helps avoid confusion and tension later on in the process. Ashly facilitates a lot of discussion between the parents and student to get this alignment.

Cynthia shares with us how important it is to recognize our own strengths and weaknesses when helping others. She talks about how she builds a plan to help clients with their accounting needs. In cases where they need help outside of her area of expertise, she connects them with people in her own network who can give them the help that they need. It’s important that we don’t lead others on or fool ourselves into thinking we are experts in a field when we are not.

We talk about a lot more, like how to avoid pushing others to take on the goals we think they should have. We also hear from each of our guests something they’d like to accomplish in 2019.

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