Michelle Leaf from Planet Home Lending and Jenny Fay from The Cupcake Girls return to share their thoughts to help people be successful. We how they are both in the business of helping people figure out what they want by asking good questions. Listening to others and asking them questions is one of the most effective leadership and management skills we can develop.  We also discuss other management skills they use to help the people they serve figure out what works best for them.

Helping People Figure Out What They Want

Michelle Leaf and Jenny Fay return for our panel discussion where we start out by talking about helping people figure out what they want. Both The Cupcake Girls and Planet Home Lending are helping people make their lives better, but sometimes encounter resistance. Jenny talks about asking good questions to help understand where a person is coming from. The right question can help someone have an Ah-Ha moment about what they really want. We also discuss how people in our lives who have experienced trauma that may keep them more focused on survival than moving forward into a life where they can thrive. Jenny tells us the methods we can use to help someone in that kind of situation.

Michelle shares with us some advice for helping people when the timeline might be a little more urgent. She tells us ways of helping people figure out what they want when there is a deadline or some outside pressure. Reminding people of their goals is one effective strategy to help people focus on their best interests in the face of stress. Also, helping them understand the choices they may need to make can be a huge help. Coaching people is often more effective than telling them the choice we think is best for them.

Helping Others Face Challenges

Jenny and Michelle share some of the recurring challenges they face every day and the techniques they use to overcome them. We talk about how building and energizing your network can be a great tool to find the right resources to solve problems. Leveraging relationships is a great way to find help for any obstacle you might be facing. Michelle reminds us that every situation is different and even if we face the same challenge helping multiple people, wemay have to approach it differently for each person.

We also discuss how Jenny and Michelle approach building teams around them to help them achieve their objectives. Jenny shares how it isimportant to have people around us that we like and trust in addition to theirtechnical skill at the job. Michelle talks about the importance of listening toyour team and taking into account other perspectives when making decisions. Wediscuss several other ways to stay focused on helping others find their own wayinstead of forcing them into what we think they should do.

How to Contact Michelle Leaf

Phone: 702-767-8174

Email: mleaf@planethomelending.com


How to Contact Jenny Fay


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