Today Diana Collins joins us to tell her story of how she overcame anxiety and depression as a new mom. This experience led her on a journey of helping new moms by starting a podcast and The Always With Me Foundation. Diana tells us how she uses effective leadership and management skills to help new moms with the challenges of a brand-new baby.  We also discuss the management skills she uses to run Collins Media Productions.

Helping New Moms

Diana Collins has a mission of helping new moms in Las Vegas and beyond.  In addition to running Collins Media Productions, she is the Founding President of The Always With Me Foundation. They provide young mothers with all kinds of support, but focus on helping them have good mental health in motherhood. Diana founded Collins Media Productions as an outgrowth of what she learned from doing her own podcast. She has become a producer for both audio and video podcasts helping podcasters with the technical aspects of production so that they can focus on creating content.

She didn’t set out to be a podcast producer though. Diana went through significant personal struggles during her pregnancy including the loss of a good friend to suicide. She had difficulty coping with that loss even through the birth of her second daughter and returning to work from maternity leave. After her own suicide attempt, Diana quit her job to focus on her own mental health. As part of her own healing she started the Always With Me podcast to share her story and the stories of other moms and mental health advocates. She wanted to get the message out that experiencing depression or anxiety doesn’t make someone a bad mom.

Taking On a Larger Role

After six months of doing the podcast, Diana was looking for a way to be involved more directly with moms that needed help. With the help of her friends she decided to become a post-partum doula. While assistance like this is often considered a luxury, Diana firmly believes it is a necessity. She started the foundation to bring this kind of help and coaching to more moms who might not be able to afford it.

We talk about some of the words and behaviors that might indicate a mom is in need of some help and how you can connect them with Diana. She also tells us how you can donate or get involved if you’d like to help out. We also talk about her online support group if that works better for a young mom than connecting up in person.

How to Contact Diana Collins

Always With Me Foundation Website

Mommy Tribe Facebook Group

Collins Media Productions Website

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