Shaytoya Stresing of K & B Communications joins us this week to tell us how she and her partner, Kevin, are helping businesses solve their tech needs. She tells us about the management skills they need to help their customers succeed. We also talk about how they use effective leadership and management skills to keep their team running smoothly.

Helping Businesses Solve Their Tech Needs

Shaytoya Stresing has seen it all living and working in Las Vegas her whole life. She’s a partner in K & B Communications and grew up out on the northwest side of the valley when there was nothing out there but a few casinos. After working a few corporate jobs, she realized her future was owning her own business. Her partner Kevin realized the same thing at the same time and saw an opportunity to take his family’s business to the next level.

Kevin handles the technical side of the electronics and data work that the company does and Shaytoya uses her marketing skills to build relationships and bring clients into the business. She tells us all about how K & B helps their customers while making a positive impact in the community. Shaytoya also gives us her big lessons for every entrepreneur or anyone thinking about starting a business. We talk about the importance of building a support network of your loved ones and also how to be accepting if they aren’t fully bought into your vision of the future.

Shaytoya shares her networking tips for new business owners and how she’s branching out a little bit to offer marketing services under a different business to help other small business owners.

How to Contact  K & B Communications

Phone: 702-952-2711




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