Ari Handley tells us how you can grow your business by knowing your numbers. At NOW CFO they use effective leadership and management skills to provide you with financial insight that helps you make smart decisions. Ari also tells us how she uses her management skills to look out for the best interests of her clients.

Grow Your Business by Knowing Your Numbers

Ari Handley from NOW CFO joins us this month to help grow your business by knowing your numbers. She shares how growing up in Kansas shaped who she is today. We talk about how studying Spanish Language and Literature at the University of Kansas makes her better at serving her clients for NOW CFO.

NOW CFO is an outsourced operational accounting firm that started in Salt Lake City in 2005. That means they help businesses, large and small, with anything from basic bookkeeping up to sophisticated financial strategies to grow the business. They do all of this on an hourly basis with no long term contracts, which is very different from the model that most accounting firms use. NOW CFO is focused on helping businesses meet their accounting needs without breaking their budget.

A core principle at CFO NOW is that financial visibility equals smarter business decisions. Ari tells us how NOW CFO can help a business owner get that financial visibility. We talk about some of the factors that might prevent you as a business owner from having that visibility and why it might be impacting the decisions you make.  Without clarity of information and decision making, your business may not be growing at the rate it should be. Ari helps us understand those dynamics and what NOW CFO can do to help you.

Using the Right Accounting System

Ari talks about making sure that business owners are using the right accounting system to meet their needs. The right accounting system can save you time and effort but also gives you more visibility of your finances to help you make better decisions about your business. Ari and NOW CFO can help you choose the right accounting system and metrics that lets you see the whole picture of your business and grow in the right direction.

In the rest of the interview, we discuss the importance of revenue forecasting, what a comptroller really does, and lots of other things that can you get your business finances in order. Watch the whole video to find out everything Ari has to share!

How to Connect with Ari Handley

Phone: 702-960-6212

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