Emily Wilson of Emily Wilson Photography returns to inspire you to flex your artistic muscles. She tells how she keeps challenging herself as an artist to keep her work fresh. We talk about the importance of shifting our perspective as one of the most effective leadership and management skills.  Emily also discusses who developing her own artistic style is like developing her own management skills and style.

Flex Your Artistic Muscles

This week we welcome back Emily Wilson of Emily Wilson Photography. In the last episode, we discussed how she built her photography skills. This week, Emily tells us how she flexes her artistic muscles to keep her work creative and fresh. She’s a firm believer that we need to make time away from the work assignments to explore other pursuits.

I ask Emily how seeing the world from the shifted perspective of the drone has impacted her photography. She shares with us her thought process in preparing for a drone shoot. Emily is always looking for tips and advice on how to use the drone more effectively. If you have experience with drone video or photography, she would love to hear from you!

Emily shares with us her passion for the Downtown Las Vegas revitalization and what she’s learned living here for the last six years. She talks about how the downtown scene has shifted through a tech phase and into what it has become. We also talk about the amazing connections we have made with people who have come from all over to share in the new opportunities in Las Vegas.

We talk about the changes in photo tech from film to digital and how you can still take great pictures even without the most expensive equipment. Emily gives her gear recommendations for new photographers and adds in some great advice about where to take great pictures. She also gives some great tips for using natural light instead of going out to buy lighting. Emily also gives us her favorite online sources for information for both photography and business advice.

Much more to see in the video. Come back next week for Part 3!

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