Finding a home that fits your lifestyle can be challenging even if you know exactly what you’re looking for. Pebbles Franco from Top Tier Realty joins us today to talk about how she helps families find the perfect home to meet their goals. We talk about how she developed her management skills by being involved in all aspects of the real estate business. We also discuss how critical effective leadership and management skills are in serving her clients.

Finding a Home That Fits Your Lifestyle

There’s a lot to consider when you are looking to buy a home. Pebbles Franco joins us today to help with finding a home that fits your lifestyle. She brings her experience from working all aspects of real estate, including brokerage, property management and investing to help families find the perfect home for them. Her passion is helping buyers to build equity and sellers utilize the equity in their homes to meet their financial goals. She also has experience in real estate markets all over the country so she has a wealth of knowledge to help her clients here in Las Vegas.

One of Pebbles’ true talents is helping buyers figure out what they’re looking for in a home. A lot of buyers haven’t set clear goals and expectations for their home and Pebbles helps them map that out in detail so that she can put them in the right home in the right neighborhood for them. She tells us what some of the primary things we should be considering when buying a home besides price range and square footage.

Pebbles tells us that many people who are currently renting and don’t think they can afford to buy a home are unaware that they do qualify for a lot of programs that could help. She specializes in helping potential buyers get connected and qualified for these programs. Pebbles runs a homebuying workshop every month to help first-time homebuyers learn about all the options they could be qualified for.

So much more in this interview with Pebbles Franco. Watch the whole video to get all of her tips for finding a home that fits your lifestyle and how she can help you when you think you might be ready to sell that home as well!

How to Contact Pebbles Franco

Phone: 702-845-4796


Top Tier Realty Las Vegas Website



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