Today’s question comes from a young web designer looking to start his own business.

Hi ..

I’m thinking to start a web design and development company, the problem is investment and project leads. Help me out with some suggestions. Tell me some ways to get through it.



Hey P.B.,

Thanks for writing in! The first thing I would recommend that you do to make your startup business successful is to assess the people and companies in your area who might be interested in your web design services. You can do this very simply by doing internet searches for people in your area looking for web design. You can also do this the old-fashioned way using your contacts and network to find people looking for your service.

Also take a look at the existing web design and development companies in your area to get an idea of the services they offer and what their pricing is.  Figure out what you would like to offer potential clients that is different or better from what the others offer. Determine what the message is that you’d like to get across to your potential clients about why they should choose you.

As far as investment goes, the sources you might look into depend on how much investment you’re looking for. I would recommend making an estimate of how much you think the startup costs for your company would be. A good rule of thumb is to double or triple that estimate to determine how much the initial investment should be.

Another factor to consider is how much you want to share the decision-making authority of your new startup business. Outside investors will not only expect return on their investment but may also expect to have a say in how the company is run.

I’m a big believer in bootstrapping, so if you already have a computer and software suitable to do the work, your initial investment may be able to be as small as the cost for getting a web domain and hosting service and you may not need outside investment.

Thanks again for writing! Good luck starting your new company!


Jason LeDuc

Founder and President, Evil Genius Leadership Consultants

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