Li Jackson, Executive Director of Rethink Worldwide, talks with us today about ending single use plastic. She shares how she uses effective leadership and management skills to guide a nonprofit organization. We also talk about how she developed her management skills over a wide range of career opportunities.

Ending Single Use Plastic

One of our biggest environmental problems is the amount of plastic waste in our oceans. Li Jackson, Executive Director of Rethink Worldwide talks with us about ending single use plastic. We start out talking about how non-profits face all of the same challenges as for profit businesses and how Li tackles those challenges with her team. We also discuss how her extremely diverse background in business helped her prepare for these challenges.

Rethink Worldwide seeks to end single-use plastic, educate individuals on how to live sustainably and provide solutions to conserve our environment. We talk about what single use plastic is and why it may surprise you how many items are thrown away as single use plastic. Li tells us what the number one item of single use plastic is and how you can help by not using it.

Why Single Use Plastic is a Problem

It’s hard to understand the impact of single use plastic because we don’t see it in our communities on a daily basis. Single use plastic doesn’t just end up in our landfills but much of it ends up in the ocean. There are 5 major sea gyres, which are basically floating garbage patches, across all of our oceans. The North Pacific Gyre is a mass of floating plastic the size of Texas. Sea life can be injured or even killed when they run into this plastic in their habitats. The plastic also releases toxins in to the water as it takes up to 1000 years to biodegrade.

 Li tells us about the single use plastic items we think might be recycled but actually are not. We also get into how plastic toxins are getting in our water closer to home and how that might affect your own health. There are a number of alternative solutions to single use plastic you can use and Li shares a bunch of them with us. She also talks about her beach cleanup event coming up later this year and how you can be a part of it if you want to help. We also learn about Rethink Fabric, a for profit company that is trying to change the game by using recycled plastic bottles to make awesome t-shirts!

How to Contact Li Jackson

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