Jenny Fay from The Cupcake Girls talks to us today about empowering workers in the adult industry. We discuss how The Cupcake Girls use effective leadership and management skills to help provide resources for sex workers.  We also discuss Jenny uses her management skills to help fight human trafficking here in the United States.

Empowering Workers in the Adult Industry

Jenny Fay talks to us today about empowering workers in the adult industry. She is the Las Vegas City Director for The Cupcake Girls, a non-profit that provides confidential support to those involved in the sex industry as well as those affected domestic sex trafficking. They do this using holistic resources, case management, and aftercare. They provide non-judgmental support to the people they are trying to help and don’t exert pressure to change their lifestyle. The Cupcake Girls endeavor every day to live to their three key tenets or respect, resources and relationships.

We talk about how founder Joy Hoover started Cupcake Girls in 2009. Jenny shares the origin story of how Joy set out to change people’s lives in the adult industry. Joy and her husband completely changed their lives to move from Michigan to help people in need in Las Vegas. She tells us how The Cupcake Girls got their name and developed trust in the Las Vegas adult industry. Jenny also shares with us how she personally got involved with the organization.

What makes The Cupcake Girls so successful in helping people is the core values that they live by. Jenny tells us how the idea of love without agenda is central to their success in the community. We discuss the three main programs that they use to make an impact: the outreach program, referral program, and intensive case management program. Each of these programs has a unique way of empowering workers in the adult industry.

Being Aware of Domestic Human Trafficking

Jenny tells us how human trafficking occurs in our communities here in the United States and what we can look out for to help. She talks about domestic sex trafficking happening right here in Las Vegas. Jenny shares the story of a client who had been trafficked for 20 years and didn’t realize it. We discuss the three main types of traffickers that people may experience and what that may look like to an observer. One of the reasons it can be difficult to help is that victims often don’t speak out about what’s happening to them because there is a stigma around working in the adult industry. Jenny tells us how she and her team help by gently building relationships with their clients and educating them about sex trafficking to help them realize that might be their own situation.

If you know anyone who is in the adult industry or has ever been in the adult industry and is looking for help with anything, even something as simple as finding a dentist, or, just wants someone to talk to, please contact Jenny and The Cupcake Girls.

How to Contact The Cupcake Girls


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