Christoff J. Weihman is a best-selling author and an expert on elevating your customer service. Today he tells us how he acquired his leadership and management skills over his career. We also talk about how he uses his management skills to help businesses improve their customer experience.

Elevating Your Customer Service

Elevating your customer service is both an art and a science. Christoff J. Weihman joins us today to show us how. Christoff refers to himself as a “service elevator”. He’s written two books. The most recent, “The Customer Experience” is an Amazon Best Seller in 3 categories. He also founded ASPIRE Enterprises that specializes in teaching, training and empowering organizations to elevate the customer service they deliver.

Christoff talks about his volunteer work in the Pacific and Asia as a young man and how that led him to a life of service. He eventually returned to the United States and but never lost his “servant heart”. He shares how those experiences shaped his view of customer service and his belief that sales and service must be intertwined. We also discuss what he learned from working with Wolfgang Puck and how it shaped his view of the customer experience.

Emotion and Energy are two concepts that Christoff believes are critical to a great customer experience. They’re so important that there are two chapters in his book titled “Emotion and Energy”. Christoff explains how he came up with this connection and why it’s so important to include that emotion in addition to getting all the procedures correct. He encourages us to all ask “WTF?” when we’re providing service to others. It’s not what you think, but in the video, Christoff explains what “WTF?” means to him.

We talk a lot more in the video about customer touchpoints, being intentional and being consistent. Also, we talk about both of Christoff’s books and how you can get a signed copy directly from him. Watch the whole interview to get all of Christoff’s great advice for elevating your customer service.

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