Casey Jade, Teresa Moore, and Pebbles Franco return to give advice so you don’t give up on your goals. We talk about using management skills when we feel overwhelmed by our businesses. We also discuss how applying effective leadership and management skills can help us make time for ourselves and provide for our needs.

Don’t Give Up on Your Goals

Casey Jade, Teresa Moore and Pebbles Franco all return to talk about the ways they stick with their goals even on days they might want to quit. Don’t give up on your goals is a great saying, but these ladies give practical advice you can use every day to stick with it. They offer some great tips about how you can prepare yourself every day, even on good days, to be ready for the days that make you want to tear your hair out.

Owning a business can be overwhelming and Casey talks about her experiences feeling that way as she tries to keep up with phone calls, texts and social media.  As a solopreneur, she wears a lot of hats and they can be really heavy on her head sometimes. Her advice to other entrepreneurs is to engage in self-care every day and she shares some of her self-care routine for you to apply.

Teresa tells us how important it is to take a break from what you’re working on. Vacations and days off are important, but she also emphasizes that taking a few minutes for yourself to meditate, reflect or relax can change your whole outlook and attitude when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Pebbles talks about how effective time management and setting priorities has helped her not just stay focused on the most important tasks she needs to get done, but also gives her peace of mind knowing that she is busy because she’s working towards her goals.

We go into a lot more about how to recognize and break negative patterns and how to live up to the commitments you make to yourself. Watch the whole discussion to get some great advice from these successful women so you don’t give up on your goals!

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