Suzanne Hobbs, Christine Curtis, and Christoff J. Weihman return to discuss the question, does emotional intelligence matter in business? They share how they incorporate emotional intelligence with their effective leadership and management skills. We also talk about examples of using emotional intelligence in conjunction with other management skills to build teams at SocialBoothLV, Safe Haven and in the hospitality industry.

Does Emotional Intelligence Matter in Business?

Our guests this month return for our panel discussion. We ask does emotional intelligence matter in business. Suzanne Hobbs, Christine Curtis, and Christoff J. Weihman give us their perspectives on emotional intelligence and how it benefits our teams, our customers and our other relationships.

Christine starts out giving us her own definition of emotional intelligence and how she came to that concept. She talks about how self-awareness is critical to how we show up to the rest of the world and how we engage with other people. It’s not enough to be the smartest or most skilled person in the room. We also need to be able to connect with other people and see the world from their perspectives.

Being Conscious of Ourselves and Others

Creating an environment where our employees or team are comfortable is a key lesson that Suzanne shares with us. She talks about being conscious of body language how bosses can be intimidating when they don’t keep this in mind. Suzanne gives great advice on how to make sure our employees really understand us by thinking about more that our words when we try to communicate. We discuss how we can also inadvertently convey an emotion we don’t mean to if we aren’t conscious of our physicality.

Christoff takes it one step further by comparing self-awareness to awareness of others. He gives us all great advice on how to read our guests or customers. We bring tone, emotion and facial expression into the discussion to augment the points about physicality and body language. He also brings up a great point that if we are able to read others, they are also able to read us. Christoff gives a great example of how a negative emotion can cascade through the staff at a restaurant and impact the customer service from top to bottom.

There is so much more that we get into about getting out of our comfort zones, understanding personality types, and sharing our own gifts with the world. Watch the video to get all of the great insight and advice from our guests!

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