There are a lot of aspects of leadership I end up discussing with people as I work with them on becoming stronger and more effective leaders. Some new leaders need some help developing their soft skills like communication and public speaking, some need help developing tools and systems for managing all the information inputs and outputs they need to deal with and some are looking to further define the mission and vision for their team. As I dig deeper into their individual needs, I very often find that many of these leaders have not thought deeply about how they see their role as a leader in their organization and communities. Defining your role as a leader is an important step towards developing your leadership philosophy that can help frame and prioritize your daily decisions and actions.

Steps for Defining Your Role as a Leader

In this video our goal is to get you to ask yourself the question, “What kind of leader do I want to be?” Jason shows you two examples of successful leaders, Larry Page and Sir Richard Branson, who have really thought through their leadership role and apply that role to leading others. After considering these examples, there is an exercise for you to do that challenges you to define your role as a leader based on your current leadership responsibilities and also focuses you on the kind of leadership you’d like to practice in the future.

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    20 10 2015

    Writing down where you are and where you want to be in the workplace and/or as a leader makes such a difference in the day-to-day grind! Keeping this list close by where you can see it every day helps keep things fresh, and keeps your focus on growing as a professional and as an individual. Thanks for the exercise, Jason!

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      Jason LeDuc

      24 10 2015

      Glad we could help Audrey! Would love for you to share what you come up with for your leadership role with us!

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