We all want to foster our own creativity and help our team come up with innovative solutions to the problems that we face. One of the biggest myths about creativity is that it often comes as a “lightning bolt” or an epiphany that hits us all at once. In Where Good Ideas Come From, Steven Johnson dispels that myth by talking about the concept of a “slow hunch”.

We can take advantage of these “slow hunches” and try to develop our own creativity and grow our small ideas into big innovations. In this video Jason LeDuc talks about creating a Leader’s Journal that captures our ideas and daily activities so that we can draw from them in the future. He also shows some tools that you can use to start building your Leader’s Journal to enhance your creative process. Periodically reviewing the items in your Leader’s Journal is key to helping develop those “slow hunches”.

Tools for your Leader’s Journal that Will Help Your Creativity:

  • Handwritten Journal
  • Evernote
  • Feedly
  • Flipboard
  • Social Media Networks

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