It’s already May and that means that Memorial Day is coming up quickly here in the United States. In honor of all of those who gave so much, we’re making courageous leadership our theme for this month at Evil Genius Leadership. As leaders we often need to make decisions or take actions that are unpopular have some risk associated with them. While there are times that it is prudent to wait to make a decision, sometimes the circumstances don’t allow it and we need to exercise courageous leadership to make that decision. Courage is a trait that can be developed in us, like any other trait, and this month we have a challenge to help us build our courage to be there when we need it most.

Courageous Leadership Video Challenge

This month for our challenge we’re asking everyone to think of something that is outside of your comfort zone and to go do it! It doesn’t need to be the scariest thing that you can think of, just start with something you wouldn’t ordinarily do and follow through on doing it. Taking small steps like these can help us expand our comfort zone as well as giving us more confidence to step out of it when we recognize the need to. Like many other traits, developing courageous leadership is like building a muscle and we need to exercise it regularly in order to strengthen it and maintain it before we need to use it in a critical situation. In the video, Jason gives some ideas for small things you can try to step out of your comfort zone and start building that muscle.

Tell us in the comments what you did to step out of your comfort zone and how it turned out for you!

Photo Credit: By James Varhegyi ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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