It can get really frustrating sometimes trying to find new leadership opportunities in our jobs. There are only so many projects and tasks at work where we can really flex our leadership muscles. We often have to be patient until those opportunities arise which is not always in alignment with our goals for professional development. How can we as aspiring leaders continue to develop our leadership skills and leadership style when opportunities in the workplace are not readily available?

Community Leadership as a Solution

Part of the answer lies in getting engaged in our communities and seeking out opportunities to lead. There are many community groups and organizations who are looking for aspiring leaders to come in and take charge of their efforts. One of the most important things we can do as leaders is take on community leadership and give back  to the people and organizations that make our cities, towns and neighborhoods a better place.

This week’s leadership challenge is to get out in the community and find an organization that is looking for some help and turn that into a leadership opportunity. Chances are, somewhere in your community, there is a school, church, volunteer group or other organization that is looking for someone to come in and take on a leadership role for one of their projects. In addition to the great feeling you’ll get from giving back to your community, you’ll gain valuable experience and perspective on how community leadership can help you grow and gain perspective as a leader.

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