Choosing the right technology for your business can be a daunting process. Christine Curtis from SocialBoothLV tells us how she and her partner used their leadership and management skills to choose the technology they use in their business. We also talk about how she uses her management skills in her other business, Chaos Consult Repeat.

Choosing the Right Technology for Your Business

Christine Curtis the CEO and Owner of SocialBoothLV and has been described as strong, focused and driven and is sometimes even called relentless. In addition to SocialBoothLV, she is a consultant who helps businesses with just about anything they could need. Born and raised in Las Vegas, she has a background in HR, project management and tech sales that uniquely qualifies her to give advice on choosing the right technology for your business.

SocialBoothLV really started as a project between Christine and her partner, Marie. Both had worked for an event technology firm that catered to Fortune 500 companies with big marketing budgets. They shared a desire to bring the quality of the big corporate events to the community for an affordable price. Providing that big budget corporate experience to your family and personal events that fits your budget is what SocialBoothLV is all about. Christine shares with us how excellent customer service became a key pillar of their business.

Christine walks us through the process and principles they used to decide what technology to incorporate into their business. She tells us about the months-long process they used and their decision-making criteria. Ultimately, it broke down to three key factors that Christine shares with us in the interview. She also tells us how you can use the same ideas in choosing the right technology for your business.

Advice for Business Owners

One of the best pieces of advice Christine has for entrepreneurs is learning how to shift your perspective. She tells us about how she first shifted her perspective from being an employee to being and owner. Christine also shares how her perspective has shifted from when she started the company to where they are today.

Lots more in the interview where Christine talks about where she wants to take SocialBoothLV, the challenges they’re facing and how they’re overcoming them. Watch the video to see everything we talk about!

How to Contact Christine Curtis

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